by Defunction

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Kipp Grose: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, programming.

All songs written by Kipp Grose unless otherwise noted.

Arrangement, performance, engineering, production and drum programming: Kipp Grose.

Sound, graphic, layout and web design: Kipp Grose.

Management, legal and booking: kippgrose@live.ca.

"Black Bubblegum" originally written and arranged by Ben Weinman and Greg Puciato. Taken from the album "Ire Works" by The Dillinger Escape Plan.

"The Spaces In Between" originally written and arranged by Mariqueen Maandig, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Taken from the self titled debut E.P. from How To Destroy Angels.


released December 1, 2010

© 2011 Defunctional Music.



all rights reserved


Defunction Sudbury, Ontario

d3fuNcTi0n is the noise I create when I get mad and sad. A personal project of musical exploration.

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Track Name: Angel
i wanna pull you close some more
i wanna whisper things
no good boy'd have in store

i wanna pick you up
grab you in my arms
i get so goddamned excited
when i get lost in your charms
your scent is burned in my brain
i like the way that you smell
you can torture me forever
in your little pretty hell

i got a bad case of you tonight
your touch makes me feel so alive

i wanna have you to explore
i wanna taste your body's salty little pores

i wanna get it up
i can't get enough
i think i might just explode on you
by the power of your touch
and if you give me an inch
i'm gunna shoot for the stars
knock you right down off your feet
spin your head and take your heart

cause i got synthesizers
and a bunch of guitars
and i'm singing to the heavens
your my venus i'm your mars
not gunna mess it all up
not gunna push you away
no i'm gunna show you what i need
and that i'm here to stay

you know how much i wanna take you
for tonight make you mine
just that right amount of dangerous
sending chills down your spine
we'll drive it right off the cliff
yeah our hot train wreck
and there'll be no turning back
i'll be your best ever yet

i got a bad case of you tonight
and if it tears me apart, well that's all right

you're my Angel

you're like an Angel falling out of the sky
and i am never gonna get around that look in your eye
you are the only one
i need you more than anyone
please stay with me tonight

begging pleading always asking for more
oh now won't you be my lover so that i can be your whore
you can do anything
i'll take whatever pain you bring
two wrongs are oh so right

i need to tell you what i'm trying to say
but i just can't get it out
you are the one truth thing
release me give me everything
and take my soul tonight
Track Name: Black Bubblegum
Got so much salt from your lies poured into me
You didn't see yourself dead already
So full of with every breath that you breathe
But you forgot that in your fairy tale I'm the wolf
All this attention got you thinking that you're a queen
You think that everything you're doing isn't a dream, long as it feel alright.

I had gotten frozen by the way that you walked,
by the love that you gave,
by that look on your face
It's a coverup
I know everything

You're made for four letter fame
Regret is part of your name
There's something you couldn't tell
It's what you wanted to feel
It's what you're dying to feel

Check out your face on the wall
Like what you see?
I'm sure you see yourself oh so unique
You're just a sucker for the flame of the week
But you forget that in your fairy tale bitch I'm the wolf
All this attention got you thinking you we're a queen
You thought that everything in life you want should be free
Nothing is what you think
Track Name: The Spaces In Between
liquid red seeps under the door
all our blood lying on the floor
bleeding through spreading like a whore
lost my head expecting something more

hate begins to spill across the screen
black will fill the spaces in between

faltering i needed you to stay
you opened up proudly on display
secrets spilling out will have to pay
for what we tried so hard to hide away

blinding light illuminates the scene
tries to fill the spaces in between

arms entwined in a final pose
laying row, by agonizing row
narrative drawing to a close
now i know, that's how these things go

how we choose the framing of the scene
black will fill the spaces in between

carrying this cross up on the hill
still remain the things we couldn't kill
all that pain the heart begins to fill
in your eyes i can see it still

hate begins to spill across the screen
tries to fill the spaces in between

blinding light illuminates the scene
black will fill the spaces in between

hate begins to spill across the screen
black will fill the spaces in between