by Defunction




Recorded Live @ The Asylum on October 27th 2016.


released November 1, 2016

Performance: Kipp Grose
Mix Engineer: Conte StarFire



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Defunction Sudbury, Ontario

d3fuNcTi0n is the noise I create when I get mad and sad. A personal project of musical exploration.

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Track Name: Angel
i wanna pull you close some more
i wanna whisper things
no good boy'd have in store

i wanna pick you up
grab you in my arms
i get so goddamned excited
when i get lost in your charms
your scent is burned in my brain
i like the way that you smell
you can torture me forever
in your little pretty hell

i got a bad case of you tonight
your touch makes me feel so alive

i wanna have you to explore
i wanna taste your body's salty little pores

i wanna get it up
i can't get enough
i think i might just explode on you
by the power of your touch
and if you give me an inch
i'm gunna shoot for the stars
knock you right down off your feet
spin your head and take your heart

cause i got synthesizers
and a bunch of guitars
and i'm singing to the heavens
you're my venus i'm your mars
not gunna mess it all up
not gunna push you away
no i'm gunna show you what i need
and that i'm here to stay

you know how much i wanna take you
for tonight make you mine
just that right amount of dangerous
sending chills down your spine
we'll drive it right off the cliff
yeah our hot train wreck
and there'll be no turning back
i'll be your best ever yet

i got a bad case of you tonight
and if it tears me apart, well that's all right

you're my Angel

you're like an Angel falling out of the sky
and i am never gonna get around that look in your eye
you are the only one
i need you more than anyone
please stay with me tonight

begging pleading always asking for more
oh now won't you be my lover so that i can be your whore
you can do anything
i'll take whatever pain you bring
two wrongs are oh so right

i need to tell you what i'm trying to say
but i just can't get it out
you are the one truth thing
release me give me everything
and take my soul tonight
Track Name: It
enough is enough too much of a thing
again and again i am suffering
more and more i am seeing the pain i bring
consume and resume keep on repeating

keep it up suck it down fill the hole inside
stuff it in let it win no i have no pride
overdose comatose even though i try
i say i'm ok but guess what i lied

gotta get away from it
i can't keep on living this
god it feels like i'm losing it
being swallowed by the abyss
with it i keep on hiding from
the person that i know that i should be
cannot stop when the blackness comes
feel it laughing controlling me

sneaking and slithering through my veins
i hide it so well yet it still remains
it can swallow me up it can take the reigns
the more that i hate the more power it gains

got my soul in a cage under lock and key
iron grip always slip i am never free
what the fuck is the matter why can't i see
a way to escape it's claws clutching me

well fuck i am sick of it
sick of getting fucked by it
fucked by giving into it
giving into the dark for it
yeah i am so sick of it
sick of the taste
sick of sucking it
suck it by giving myself to it
giving myself to the dark for it
Track Name: State Of Disrepair
it's hard to pull off
i need to try to pretend
that maybe there is a reason
for all this in the end
but sometimes i'm so lost
i think your need a hand
cause i don't know the way
and i've got no master plan

i'm trapped in my head
and here it comes again
the blackness is my friend
cause it never leaves me alone
i choke on the hate and the tears
i got enough to last me
the next 1000 years

and I know and I'm aware i'm in a state of disrepair

so what happens now, where do you go from here?
can you crawl back from depths that you dove before your course had veered
you just do what you must in order to survive
if you take it one day at a time, you might just stay alive

but look out my friend
cause here it comes again
the blackness will be our end
if you don't stay strong when you're all alone
put away all the guilt and the fear
we've got enough to last us
the next 1000 years

this is just some wear and tear
so don't despair
Track Name: Never Better
started out so
so innocently
innocence lost
lost a part of me

i remember every little thing
from the day i tried
you let me inside
of this hell you've made for me

and everyday i live with who i've been
try to hide inside
of this web of lies
but it's collapsing down on me

damn it
try to
kill it
Track Name: Trickier Than I Imagined
suppose the time is right
for me to give in
its time to say goodbye
to what what i had been
remembering the learning curve
and all that had been
keep it use it to help this fight
to become better

but it is trickier
than i imagined
restarting everything
like it was, had been
try to get back to where i'd been
before this happened
but turns out that it is trickier
than i imagined

over time things i fear
become less important
and i can see and hear
but close my eyes and pretend
that all the time i spent
in regret and lament
enriched experience
before i reach the end

can't seem to stop myself
control this little problem
so sick of trying hard
and failing to the bottom
and every time i think i'm through
turns out that i'm still lost in
lost inside of fucking you
i'm sinking in the deep end